Child says he was approached by a stranger at bus stop in Virginia Beach 

Posted at 4:29 PM, Oct 17, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Parents in one Virginia Beach neighborhood are concerned after a man allegedly approached a kid at a bus stop.

The incident reportedly happened at the intersection of Trant Lake Drive and Laurel Cove Drive on Friday morning.

Since then parents have posted their concerns on social media sites.

The Virginia Beach School District tells News 3 one of their students reported seeing a suspicious vehicle at his bus stop.

Parents in the neighborhood said the child told the bus driver there was a man in a white pick-up truck who offered him a ride to John B. Dey Elementary School.

School administration said they immediately contacted police and worked with officers  to investigate.

The district said it was their understanding from police that there was no reason for concern and that no additional actions needed to be taken. News 3 was unable to confirm that with police today because they are unavailable to answer questions from the media due to scheduled training.

Hearing even the possibility that a student was approached by a stranger has parents concerned.

"I am definitely concerned, said Jennifer Esparza who is a parent of five, "Things like that don't normally happen in our neighborhood. We are really comfortable with letting the kids ride their bikes and go to the park."

The district said the child’s parents were notified.

The district said, in general, they recommend parents or an adult accompany a child to and from the school bus stop each day.

Virginia Beach Police said they would hopefully have some information Tuesday.