‘Price is Right’ contestants spin their way to historic three-way tie

Posted at 9:40 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 21:40:24-04

LOS ANGELES – Contestants on the “Price is Right” made history on Monday’s show when they each spun $1 on the Big Wheel, recording the first ever three-way tie.

With up to two possible spins, contestants face off to see who can get closest to the maximum score of $1 without going over.

It’s not easy to nail $1, so it wasn’t surprising when the first Showcase Showdown contestant, Cathryn, erupted into shrieks of joy as she jumped and flailed her way across the stage. “Man, I thought she’d be a little happier than that, to tell you the truth,” host Drew Carey joked.


Second contestant Manfred stepped up and matched Cathryn with two 50-cent spins. The final contestant, Jessica, spun 30 cents on her first attempt, and, with that, the table was set.

“A three-way tie on the dollar would be amazing,” Carey said. “This just might happen!”

The wheel stopped at 70 cents exactly, giving the contestants the first-ever tie on $1, which guaranteed each of them $1000.

After the historic tie, Cathryn, Manfred and Jessica had a spin-off to see who would advance to the Showcase round.