Spice of Blythe: “Fall” in Love with Autumn!

Posted at 9:56 AM, Oct 19, 2016

DALLAS -- Happy Fall, y'all!  Decorations, candles, food. This is my favorite time of year by far, and for proof, you just have to take a step inside my house.  Let's talk about how you can get the most out of your Fall.

First, the decorations.  Since Mother Nature hasn't gotten the "It's Autumn" memo just yet, it'll be a while before we're using our fireplace.  So we turned ours into our own miniature pumpkin patch!  A bale of hay makes a great bed for some pumpkins and all of a sudden you have a splash of Fall orange-and-brown for your living room!

But the Fall experience starts the second you walk into my house.  How?  The smell!  Candles help, but if you really want that smell to stick around, spray your favorite room spray on a basket of potpourri!

Of course, life is nothing without food. The great thing about Fall food is that it's easy to grow some yourself!  We planted everything from spinach to green beans to carrots in our backyard garden, and with a little water every other day, we'll get to watch it all grow.  And hey, you can't beat working with your hands a little, right?

Feeling the dirt of the garden, smelling the candles, seeing the decorations, tasting the food. All that's missing is the sounds of soon-to-be-visiting friends and family, and you've got wonderful Fall flavors for all the senses.

The Spice of Blythe is: fall in love with Autumn and make the most of the best season of the year.