Neighbors in Virginia Beach worry thieves are breaking into their locked cars

Posted at 8:28 PM, Oct 20, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Neighbors in Green Run say they've been locking their car doors, but say thieves are finding ways in by other means.

The break-ins happened earlier this week to cars along Riverside Drive and Pierside Court, according to neighbors.

"Somehow they unlocked the vehicle. They ransacked the vehicle and took off," said Don Tingle, whose wife's truck was ransacked. "You get mad and you get over it."

Neighbors say cars with key fobs were impacted and believe the thieves have a device that is allowing them to get into the cars. Police warned drivers about the risks of key fobs earlier this year.

"If they used that technology towards going to work, I'd be much more happy," said Tingle. He's worried some of his neighbors could start shooting at the thieves, potential injuring or killing them. "It's just that bad and that's tragic," he said. "If a child gets killed because of something stupid, there's no excuse for it."

Other neighbors say they'll be closely watching their cars. "I guess we just have to look out for each other and pay more attention," said Jennifer Cole.

A police spokesperson said she was looking into the incidents.