Free pain medication scam may be circulating Hampton Roads

Posted at 12:02 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 12:39:37-04

NORFOLK, Va. – A new scam may be circulating the Hampton Roads area.

According to several employees with News 3, telemarketers have called their office phones claiming to be employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The telemarketers are offering free experimental pain relief cream in replace of your current pain medication. However, in order to receive the cream, you must offer up personal information.

According to our phone records, 21 News 3 employees were contacted earlier this morning from the same telemarketing number offering free pain medication.

It's unclear if the scammers are contacting Blue Cross Blue Shield customers only, or are targeting numerous people.

We tried to call the number back, but an automated response says the number has been disconnected.

Several Blue Cross Blue Shield networks are reporting this is a scam, and are asking all victims to report any incidents to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Anti-Fraud Hotline at 1-800-482-3787.

News 3’s Merris Badcockis working to get more on this story.