Surveillance video captures boy’s 2 a.m. mischief spree

Posted at 11:43 AM, Oct 25, 2016

TAMPA – A father reviewing home surveillance video was shocked to see a pajama-clad mischief-maker running amok in his living room at 2 a.m.

The tiny troublemaker was Tampa dad Cody Wray’s 6-year-old son, who appeared to be breaking every rule he could remember.

Wray posted the video to Facebook with the caption, “Looking through security footage when I found this event in the middle of the night in my living room. He’s so dead.”

Watching the video closely, it’s pretty apparent what the Wray household rules likely include – no using the couch like a punching bag, no flipping lights on and off, no standing on the arm of the couch and no cartwheels in the living room, to name a few.

Alas, all good things eventually come to an end. Wray posted this photo with the caption “This is the last image the camera captured before it was unplugged”: