Oklahoma manhunt: ‘It was all a setup,’ fugitive says on Facebook Live

Posted at 5:50 PM, Oct 26, 2016

What kind of man would shoot two officers, kill two relatives and brag about his exploits on Facebook Live?

Apparently a man recently charged with child sex abuse who might also try to spread a communicable disease, Oklahoma authorities say.

Michael Dale Vance Jr. seems to be relishing his notoriety as fugitive, streaming on Facebook Live shortly after the two Wellston officers were shot and wounded.

“This is more intense than I thought it would be, to say the least,” Vance said, apparently driving a stolen vehicle.

“This truck is about dead. … I’m about to steal another car. Like right now.”

In another clip, Vance points the camera at a weapon on the floor of the vehicle — possibly an AK-47 — and hints at violence to come.

“Letting you all know look, this is real — see? That’s a mother——- gun. That’s the real deal. This ain’t a joke. This ain’t a prank. I’m going (expletive) live.”

Authorities later found the bodies of two of Vance’s relatives. Both showed signs of attempted dismemberment.

Since then, authorities haven’t been able to catch the 38-year-old fugitive from Chandler, Oklahoma, now accused of a lengthy crime spree.

Here’s how authorities say the rampage unfolded:

7 p.m. Sunday

Two Wellston police officers were shot after responding to a disturbance call. One officer was shot in the foot and the other in the leg.

The wounded officers returned fire, striking Vance at least twice, the Lincoln County sheriff said. But the suspect managed to flee in a stolen patrol car.

Sunday evening

While still in the police car, Vance posted a video on Facebook saying he’s going to steal another car and that “this (expletive) is going to be intense.”

Investigators believe Vance shot a woman while trying to steal a Lincoln Town Car. Vance later posted another Facebook video, saying he had been shot and showing what looked like blood on his shirt.

9:30 p.m. Sunday

Authorities spotted a Lincoln Town Car at a house in Luther, just northeast of Oklahoma City. There, police found the bodies of Robert and Valerie Kay Wilkson — later identified as relatives of Vance’s. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office declined to specify their relation to Vance.

Both were stabbed, and Robert Wilkson was also shot. Based on the stab wounds, the killer apparently tried to behead Wilkson and dismember his wife.

Valerie Wilkson’s 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse is missing.


Authorities executed a search warrant on the house and found a pink T-shirt believed to be the one Vance wore in his Facebook videos. They also found two shell casings — a kind typically fired from an AK-47. Police believe the weapon shown in one of the videos was an AK-47.

Family: We might have accidentally helped him

Tony Heavner, an uncle of Vance’s, said his nephew may have been plotting a rampage for weeks.

Vance was incensed after he was arrested in July on accusations of child sexual assault, Heavner told CNN affiliate KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City. Vance was recently released from jail, Lincoln County Sheriff Charles Dougherty said.

In one of his Facebook Live posts, Vance thanked his sister for “believing in me.”

“Everything that was said, it was all a setup,” Vance said.

Heavner said he now thinks Vance may have had plans for weeks since he asked relatives to help him get a gun.

“Members of the family actually (were) unknowingly helping him out to get all these guns and all that stuff,” Heavner told KFOR.

But he said he didn’t predict what would happen.

“This is a nightmare we can’t wake up from.”

The manhunt

Authorities believe Vance may be driving a silver 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said a man matching Vance’s description and driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse shot someone at a Flying J truck stop at about 2:38 a.m. Monday near Sayre, about 130 miles west of Oklahoma City.

That man was last seen fleeing on Interstate 40, authorities said.

Vance is described as a “heavy set male,” standing 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 212 pounds.

“Suspect has medical condition and may try to spread disease,” the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said.

Authorities did not specify the disease, but Oklahoma County Sheriff’s spokesman Mark Opgrande called it “a communicable disease that can be transmitted by blood.”

“It’s possible he may attempt to spread it to others if he is put in a situation where that would be possible,” Opgrande said.

Authorities ask anyone who sees Vance to call 911.