Regent University alumni send letter in response to Donald Trump’s on-campus rally

Posted at 11:09 PM, Oct 26, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A group of Regent University alumni sent a letter to the school following Donald Trump’s rally on the campus on Saturday.

“We publicly and earnestly reject Mr. Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States,” the letter signed by fourteen alumni reads. “We also urge the University to publicly and clearly state that despite Mr. Trump’s rally on campus, the University does not endorse him for president.”

Trump’s outdoor rally drew thousands of supporters to the campus last weekend. Pat Robertson, the famed televangelist and founder of the university, spoke in support of Trump at the rally.

The letter doesn’t ask for the university to un-invite Trump or exclude him or other candidates, but reads that the university should make its stance on the candidate clearer. The university hasn’t officially endorsed Trump, according to the letter, but the writers worry the rally could lead outsiders to believe it has. They say Trump’s candidacy is at odds with the university’s mission.

“Mr. Trump is antithetical to this mission. He brags about sexual exploits and assault, degrades women habitually, proposes that all Muslims be excluded from entry into the U.S., encourages violence by his supporters, and promotes killing terrorists’ innocent families,” reads the letter.

News 3 reached out to a spokesperson for the university, who sent the following statement:

Regent University has a long history of inviting political candidates to campus as a means to expose our community to various philosophical perspectives.
All Presidential candidates registered in Virginia were invited to hold events at Regent. Mr. Trump accepted the invitation.
We encourage feedback from our students and alumni and acknowledge their perspectives. 
We do not endorse or oppose any political candidates, but do encourage our community to participate in the political process.

Click to read the entire Regent Law Alumni open letter