Williamsburg officer honored as ‘Top Cop’ for patrol, investigative work

Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 26, 2016

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - A Williamsburg police officer is being honored for his efforts to keep the community safe.

Investigator Sean Hughes was recently selected by Crime Line as the "2016 Top Cop" for the Williamsburg Police Department after being nominated by a fellow officer.

His work as a patrol officer and investigator earned him the award.

Over the past year, Hughes led the department in DUI arrests.

He was also recognized for how he handled a case involving a man who was suicidal and trying to get an officer to shoot him.  Hughes was able to get the man help without anyone getting hurt.

Recently, Hughes moved into the investigations division where he's already made some arrests in sexual assault cases involving kids.

Although the cases can be tough to hear, Hughes says helping the victims makes it worth it.

"You definitely see the impact," Hughes said.

When he's not tackling cases, he takes on another role.

After receiving his certification, he now teaches Jiu-Jitsu to other officers in a course called Gracie Survival Tactics.

In the letter nominating Hughes for the award, he was described as 'hard working with a quiet and humble demeanor,' who serves as an example to his fellow officers.