Attempt to ‘relax’ mom in waiting room with virtual roller coaster ride backfires

Posted at 8:37 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 20:37:13-04

A Chicago-area mother nearly fell out of her chair while watching a virtual reality roller coaster video her children gave her during a recent trip to a hospital waiting room.

The woman’s daughter, Megan Kelley, uploaded the video to YouTube Tuesday, and it’s quickly circulating online.

Kelley wrote in the video’s description:

“After a month in the Intensive Care Unit, we finally got a call that our dad would be getting a double organ transplant. In the intense early morning hours prior to our dad being brought into surgery, we decided to help pass time and try to relax our mom….so we decided to put her on a rollercoaster ride.”

At the start of the cellphone video, all is well as the roller coaster starts to move.

“Holy cow, this is awesome,” her mother says as the car slowly climbs the virtual underground tunnel.

Instead of relaxing, however, Kelley’s mother suddenly begins contorting in her chair as the roller coaster rockets downhill – legs flailing, mouth agape and hands gripping the armrests as her children laugh until they snort and struggle to breathe. identified the video she watched as the Rilix Coaster for Samsung Gear VR: