Radio reporter helps rescue man, honored with Virginia Beach lifesaving award

Posted at 5:13 PM, Oct 27, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Sean Hood helped lift a minivan off a man, potentially saving his life. For his actions, Mayor Will Sessoms awarded him with the city's lifesaving award on Thursday.

Hood says he was filling his tire up with air at the Wawa off of Ferrell Parkway on Oct. 11. He noticed a man get knocked to the ground. Moments later, the man's minivan had pinned him to the ground.img_4686

Several people tried to lift the vehicle off of the man, but were unsuccessful until Hood came to help. Hood assisted in lifting the car off the man until paramedics arrived.

"I felt awful in general, but he was an older gentleman, which of course makes you even more concerned," said Hood. "He was very conscious and in a lot of pain."

Hood is the traffic reporter for FM-99 and 106.9-The Fox. Mayor Sessoms presented Hood the award during his shift on Thursday morning.

"My knee hated me. I was very sore when I was done, but I was just glad I could help," said Hood.

Hood now has a message for everyone who hears his story. "We've become so detached seeing each other through a lens or a phone that we forget that we're all here living next to each other. Put down your phone and help your fellow man."

Hood doesn't know what happened to the man he helped rescue. Anyone with information can email News 3 reporter Brendan Ponton: