USS Mesa Verde returns to Norfolk after completing Haitian disaster relief

Posted at 4:34 AM, Oct 27, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. - The USS Mesa Verde returned to Naval Station Norfolk on Thursday morning after spending several weeks in Haiti to assist with disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The death toll in Haiti topped 1,000 after the category 4 hurricane sent strong winds and rain to the island on October 4th. Shortly after, the US Navy sent three ships to assist with humanitarian and disaster relief; among them, the USS Mesa Verde.

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The USS Mesa Verde deployed on a training mission on September 12th, but got called to Haiti to handle disaster relief. The USS Iwo Jima relived them of those duties 5 days later and they continued their training before returning to port.

The USS Iwo Jima came home just this week, Monday October 24th.

According to a spokesperson for the U.S. Naval Air Force Atlantic, the purpose of the ships were to transport relief supplies like drinking water and rations to Haiti and help the citizens there rebuild.

Resources aboard the USS Mesa Verde include aircraft, landing craft, Marine and Marine Corps. Command elements.

The other ship was responsible for medical care and other forms of recovery.


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