Off-duty Portsmouth deputy saves woman being chased by man with a gun

Posted at 3:44 PM, Oct 31, 2016

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - An off-duty deputy took action to stop a man with a gun who was allegedly threatening a woman.

Portsmouth Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Cummings was off duty picking up his son when he saw a man with a gun chasing a woman.

He said he heard a single gunshot heard while sitting in his car outside a motel on Gum Road in Chesapeake.

“I actually thought it was something coming out of a movie. You're sitting there and everything took place so quick. My training then went into action and I did what I have to do as a law enforcement officer to protect the public,” Deputy Cummings said.

Deputy Cummings told the suspect, Antwan Richardson, to drop the gun a second time and Richardson complied.  Deputy Cummings held Richardson at gunpoint until police arrived.

Michael Whitby witnessed the situation unfold. He said, “It was kind of scary. I feel bad for the lady I know she was scared. She was trying to pull away and he wasn't letting her go.”

Richardson, 25, was charged with assault and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

“Needless to say were very proud of him,” Portsmouth Captain Lee Cherry said. “We wake up every morning thinking we're going to go to work. We have no idea if we're going to have to use a firearm and nor do we want to. We're trying to save lives and that's true whether you're a deputy or police officer.”

“I’m pretty glad he was here because I'm sure that young lady would've been in a pretty bad situation. Glad he hopped out of the car,” said Whitby.

Richardson is being held in the Chesapeake Jail and has a hearing on Friday.

Deputy Cummings works in the Civil Process Division and has been in law enforcement for the last 36 years both as a Portsmouth Police Officer and deputy sheriff. Deputy Cummings will celebrate 15 years of service with the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office on November 1, 2016.

No one was hurt in the incident.