Lon Cecil (L)

Posted at 7:07 PM, Nov 02, 2016
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Lon Cecil (L) - Candidate for North Carolina Governor

Lon Cecil (L) – Candidate for North Carolina Governor

Lon Cecil (L), running for North Carolina Governor

1. Why are you running for office?

To provide voters an opportunity to express alternate opinions on major issues.

2. Why should people vote for you?

I am a retired engineer, not politician with 20+ years of promises to funders and political baggage?

3. What’s your favorite thing about the area you want to represent?

Four seasons of weather each year, and caring people that are interested in the common good of their neighbors.

4. What is the biggest problem your area is facing, how will you fix it?

Clean water, both underground and surface. Must keep the coal ash pit remediation efforts on legislated schedule, without delays and extensions. Adjust hydraulic fracturing legislation to force filing of declaration of everything put down the bore of wells, plus providing pressure-volume logs for archive on every well processed.

5. Describe Donald Trump in max 3 words?

Disassembler of GOP

6. Describe Hillary Clinton in max 3 words?

Unicorn Rainbow Stew

7. What do you do for a living? Why do you do it?

Registered Professional Engineer (retired), I Like inventing new things for public use.

8. You’re going to be marooned on a tropical island for a week, you can only bring 1 thing – what is it?

Good survival knife.

9. What do you think of Colin Kaepernick?

A man with conviction!

10. Would you vote to fund light rail expansion in your area?

No. Every system currently running is subsidized by taxpayers, usually for 2X or more the face value of every ride ticket. They only serve users close to stations and you cannot take groceries home on the light rail. Enable fleets of self-drive cars, that can provide real service to anyone, anywhere, anytime, instead.

11. Will you respect the outcome of the election?

Sure! Have survived our 2 worst presidents, thus far.

12. Favorite TV Show?

Big Bang Theory

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