Clinton to close the campaign by assembling political equivalent of ‘The Avengers’

Posted at 1:24 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 13:24:38-04

Hillary Clinton will close her campaign with a top flight of surrogates, her political equivalent of assembling “The Avengers,” on Monday night.

Clinton, President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, first lady Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton will headline what will be her final rally together Monday night in Philadelphia, an aide said Thursday.

The rally, which is expected to be one of Clinton’s biggest of the campaign, acknowledges the importance of Pennsylvania — and the Philadelphia area — to Clinton’s campaign.

Clinton has spent seven days campaigning in Pennsylvania since the Democratic National Convention and aides feel a win in Pennsylvania will severely limit Trump’s path to the presidency. The key for Clinton is to boost turnout in Philadelphia, especially among African-American voters, and in city’s surrounding suburbs.

Clinton will also campaign in Pittsburgh on Friday and Philadelphia on Saturday night.

Tim Kaine, Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, will be campaigning elsewhere, the aide said.

The aide said the Monday night event would not necessarily be Clinton’s final event, but it is unlikely that Clinton will hold a rally on Election Day.

Clinton has relied on top Democratic surrogates to turn out voters in swing states across the country. On Thursday, for example, Clinton will campaign in North Carolina, while the President campaigns in Florida, Bill Clinton rallies voters in Michigan and Nevada, Bernie Sanders speaks in Ohio and Chelsea Clinton headlines events in Wisconsin.