Curtis Milteer

Posted at 10:27 AM, Nov 03, 2016
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Curtis Milteer, running for Suffolk City Council in the Whaleyville Borough

Curtis Milteer, running for Suffolk City Council in the Whaleyville Borough

1. Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office because I am looking to continue making community improvements that haven’t been finished yet and the citizens asked me to run.

2. Why should people vote for you?

Based on my experience and performance I have been very loyal to the people and getting things done and working hard with City Hall and the community.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the area you want to represent?

We were able to get abandoned school sites converted to community centers.

4. What is the biggest problem your area is facing, how will you fix it?

Public transportation. People that live in the village of Whaleyville that don’t have cars don’t have access to the central business district of Suffolk.

5. Describe Donald Trump in max 3 words?

Inexperienced, bad attitude.

6. Describe Hillary Clinton in max 3 words?

Experienced, works with others.

7. What do you do for a living? Why do you do it?

I’m a retired civil service employee. I was a supervisor at the Naval Air Station before I retired. I was in the army during the Korean War and, after I got back, I wanted to continue to work for my country. We overhauled aircraft.

8. You’re going to be marooned on a tropical island for a week, you can only bring 1 thing – what is it?

A telephone.

9. What do you think of Colin Kaepernick?

I don’t agree with that, I think we need to be loyal to the national anthem and our nation.

10. Would you vote to fund light rail expansion in your area?

Light rail is a necessity. I’m not sure if Suffolk has a population large enough to support it right now, but Norfolk and Virginia Beach should connect.

11. Will you respect the outcome of the election?

Whatever the citizens decide, I will agree with that decision.

12. Favorite TV Show?

The Newlywed Game

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