Donna Sayegh

Posted at 10:18 AM, Nov 03, 2016
Donna Sayegh (I) - Candidate for Portsmouth City Council

Donna Sayegh (I) – Candidate for Portsmouth City Council

Donna Sayegh, running for Portsmouth City Council

1. Why are you running for office?

I am running for a seat on City Council to bring the local government back to the people.

2. Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I am trust worthy, I care about the people, and I know why our City is in so much debt, and I know how to get us out of debt.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the area you want to represent?

My favorite thing about the area is seeing the people successful and able to get their own needs met.

4. What is the biggest problem your area is facing, how will you fix it?

The biggest problem our City is facing is the ability of people to make a living wage. One way to fix this problem is for the city to stop taking property off the tax rolls.

5. Describe Donald Trump in max 3 words?

He has courage.

6. Describe Hillary Clinton in max 3 words?

What a liar

7. What do you do for a living? Why do you do it?

My life is spent 24/7 involved in government. I do it because I want to self-govern and I want other people to have the opportunity to do the same.

8. You’re going to be marooned on a tropical island for a week, you can only bring 1 thing – what is it?

A Towel

9. What do you think of Colin Kaepernick?

I don’t know him.

10. Would you vote to fund light rail expansion in your area?


11. Will you respect the outcome of the election?


12. Favorite TV Show?

Iyanla Fix My Life

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