Home hacks: 12 new uses for everyday items

Posted at 11:06 AM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 17:13:51-04

News 3 wants to make your life easier! We’re sharing 12 ways you can use everyday items in new ways.

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Here are some of the ‘home hacks’ we found:

  • Removing a stripped screw – Put a rubber band over the screw.  It’ll provide some grip so you can remove the screw with a screw driver.
  • Filling a bucket – If you have a bucket that’s too  large to fit in your sink, set a dustpan in the sink so that when you turn the water on, it will flow into the handle, then into the bucket sitting on the floor.
  • Keep trash bags from sliding into the can – Put Command hooks upside down on the side of your trash can, then hook the handles of your trash bag around them to keep the bag from sliding into the can.
  • Label cords with bread clips – If you have a lot of cords plugged into a surge protector, use a sharpie to write a label on a bread clip, then hook the clip around a cord so you know what each cord is for.

  • Finding the end of a roll of a tape – It can be frustrating trying to find the end of a roll of a tape, so stick a bread clip on the end so you can easily find it.
  • Organizing Christmas decorations – Store small, fragile ornaments in egg cartons.
  • Prevent paint drips around the side of your paint can – Instead of wiping off excess paint on the rim of your paint can, which can cause paint to build up, put a rubber band vertically around the can.  You’ll be able to wipe off the brush on the rubber band, allowing paint to drip back into the can.
  • Hammering a nail – To avoid hitting your finger when using a hammer, hold your nail with a clothespin.
  • Label cords with Washi tape – Use a sharpie to write a label on a piece of Washi tape and wrap it around your cord so you know what all of your cords are for when you’re trying to charge electric devices.
  • Storing cords – To keep your cords from becoming one big jumbled mess, roll them up and put each one into an empty toilet paper roll.  You can then keep them all in one box without everything getting tangled.
  •  Storing cleaning supplies – Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to store cleaning supplies or any other small items you have.
  • Storing wrapping paper – If you have a lot of tubes of wrapping paper, put them into an empty garment bag to keep them organized.

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