Todd Mathes

Posted at 12:44 PM, Nov 03, 2016
Todd Mathes (I) - York County School Board 4th District

Todd Mathes (I) – York County School Board 4th District

Todd Mathes, running for York County School Board – District 4

1. Why are you running for office?

I have always been a huge supporter of education and training. During my time in the Air Force I saw how education and training literally changed lives whether by teaching a work skill or, just as importantly, a life skill. Instruction, continuing education and training was a big part of my Air Force flying career and role I thoroughly enjoyed at both the operational squadron and formal training unit level. I firmly believe a quality education is the great equalizer regardless of your social or economic background and gives people the ability to achieve their dreams. I love being able to positively impact our children’s lives and help give them the tools to succeed regardless of what path they take after graduation.

2. Why should people vote for you?

Ever since I was selected to fill the York County District 4 School Board position last May, I have worked tirelessly with the other board members and the district administration to improve our children’s education. Whether setting strategic guidance or visiting schools and reading to classes, I have taken a hands on approach to the school district operations. Public schools are a gem of York County and my number one goal is to build upon the past success of the school district and help it reach even greater heights.

3. What’s your favorite thing about the area you want to represent?

The rich history of this whole area in the founding, development, and defense of America. This is truly a unique and wonderful place to live.

4. What is the biggest problem your area is facing, how will you fix it?

In regards to the York County school district, our biggest problem is school capacity–we are reaching the limits of our designed student capacity. We will need to fix this problem by adding new wings to existing schools and building a new school in the upper part of the county which is experiencing more growth. These efforts are currently under way. We must also ensure that our current buildings are well maintained structurally to stay viable into the future.

5. Describe Donald Trump in max 3 words?

Trump is Trump.

6. Describe Hillary Clinton in max 3 words?


7. What do you do for a living? Why do you do it?

I am employed at Langley Air Force Base working in Air Combat Command Headquarters. I do it to support our combat troops by ensuring United States air power capabilities are delivered when and where needed.

8. You’re going to be marooned on a tropical island for a week, you can only bring 1 thing – what is it?

A good book….and a bottle of sun block!

9. What do you think of Colin Kaepernick?

I don’t know him personally so I cannot comment on his character. As an American, he has a right to peaceful protest and I’m assuming he is earnest in his feelings. It greatly saddens me when I see a display of such disrespect to our flag and country especially one that has given him so much based upon his efforts and abilities. He should be grateful he was blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world.

10. Would you vote to fund light rail expansion in your area?

I am for any public transportation project that makes economic sense and reduces traffic congestion as well as being environmentally friendly. The issue with light rail is that based upon history it has, in general, had major fiscal challenges. If costs could be brought under control, I think light rail would be a great addition to the area.

11. Will you respect the outcome of the election?

Yes, of course

12. Favorite TV Show?