Where you can take a selfie or snapchat on Election Day

Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 23:20:03-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va- The ballot selfie is inevitable in the social media age. People are sharing more of their lives than before. On Snapchat 9,000 photos are shared every second. Begging the question of what is and isn't allowed on Election Day.

"The key thing there is that they focus on their ballot and their sharing with their friends," said Tim Barrow the Secretary of the Virginia Beach Electoral Board.

On the way into the building, take selfies and Snapchats, but Barrow asks for phones to be put away once you enter the building. That's because voting officials don't want other voters who might not be in the sharing mood to feel uncomfortable.

"We also don`t want to have any disruption in the precinct that would interfere with the voting process," said Barrow.

Once you are in the voting booth, the phone can come out. Take selfies and Snapchats if you'd like, but make sure no one else is in the shot. You can even take a picture of your filled out ballot.

Keep phones tucked away while you are waiting in line to turn in your ballot or leaving the booth.

Once you are outside, selfies with your 'I Voted' sticker are more than welcome.