“He saved my life.” Why one woman married a Sailor serving three life sentences

Posted at 12:00 AM, Nov 04, 2016
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Tonight on News 3 at 11 find out why a Navy Sailor is serving three life terms and why his high school sweetheart decided to marry him.

BURKEVILLE, Va. - A destination wedding and a white dress might seem like every bride’s dream, but when your destination is a prison cell, the warden has a say in your wedding gown.

Vandy Hill hold up the wedding dress, one approved by a prison warden.

Vandy Hill hold up the wedding dress, one approved by a prison warden.

“This is the dress I wore,” said Vandy Hill, pulling a white dress out of a Rubbermaid box. “As you can see it has got the long sleeves.”

Hill is a Utah resident, and her fiancé was her former classmate and soul mate, Leonard Singleton. They separated after graduating from a high school in Tulsa, Okla., and both went on to college. After college graduation, Hill went searching for him.

She had been searching for 28 years.

“He has always stuck with me in my mind because one day in Miss Carnegie’s math class, he stood up and announced to the whole class, ‘Vandy Hill, I just love you.’”

But when Hill finally found him, Singleton was at the Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, Va.

“Of course my thought was, ‘Oh Lenny, what did you do? Did you kill somebody?’” said Hill, remembering her reaction at the news.

However, court records show Singleton’s crime wasn’t murder.

Watch tonight on News 3 at 11 to learn about Singleton's crime and hear from one of his victims.