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Is it worth it?!? News 3 tests out crazy infomercial products

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 04, 2016

All this week on News 3 This Morning, we test out some of the craziest infomercial products you've seen on TV.

An alternative to Christmas lights, a handheld mini-vacuum to pick up crumbs and a manicure in a can - do these products actually work?!


We put Flex Seal, the liquid sealant that claims to seep into holes and cracks to seal them perfectly, to the test on a miniature boat in the Hague.


Heard of the Pocket Hose? The hose claims to grow to 50 feet and be three times stronger than normal hoses, kink and tangle resistant and won't drip, but is that true?!

We want to find out if buying these products are worth it - watch News 3 This Morning to find out!

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