Suffolk homeowners calling for federal help

Posted at 8:33 PM, Nov 06, 2016

SUFFOLK, VA. - People living in Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach are now able to applyfor aide through FEMA.

But homeowners in Hampton, Portsmouth, and Suffolk say they’re on their own.

In early October, Hurricane Matthew blew its way into Larry Greene's life.

A month later, his Suffolk house is far from being his home.

"I got to get everything out before I can start rebuilding back," Green explained.  "I mean, insulation, laminated flooring, sheet rock. It’s a major project.”

Greene is using these cinder blockers to hold up his sink.

He removed the cabinets underneath because of mold.

His is just one of several homes flooded in the city.

However, unlike some other Hampton Roads cities they aren’t getting federal help rightn ow.

"They said it really won’t be that many homes affected by it in Suffolk but they don’t know these three houses right here was major. If FEMA could help, it would be great," Greene said.

A help that homeowners in Norfolk and Virginia Beach got today.

Disaster recovery specialists were out assisting people in areas declared disaster zones.

FEMA official Peter Herrick says he’s not sure what’s next for people like Greene.

"They’ve not yet been denied. They’re still in process. What that means is they’re still some review going on. There’s no timeline for that.”

Herrick says there’s no telling when the review will be compete.

As he waits, Greene says he’ll continue mucking and gutting on his own.

"Everything that ain’t torn out is still wet.”

Herrick says it’s ultimately up to the White House whether cities get assistance.

He says if a city is denied, they can appeal.