WATCH: Voters in Hampton Roads tell you what they really think about Trump’s win

Posted at 4:52 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 17:55:41-05

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Across Hampton Roads, registered voters gave their opinions on the new president-elect, Donald Trump.

“It’s over,” said registered voter Charlie Roberts.

“Yoo-hoo! I am happy!” Paige Caporicci told News 3’s Merris Badcock.

Trump may have won the presidential race, but he did not win the popular vote. Here in Virginia, there is a mix of emotions among registered voters.

“I’m still in shock,” one woman told News 3.

“I just feel like we might be going back to the late 60s again, and surely I wouldn’t want [Martin Luther] King to roll over,” said Virginia Beach resident, Deba Greene.

While voters have their personal concerns, political analyst Jesse Richman weighed in on how Trump’s presidency will affect Hampton Roads.

“If his campaign rhetoric is any guide, and who knows, but if it is, then what I would expect to see is a bit less foreign adventurism from a Trump administration than we might have seen with a Clinton administration,” said Richman.

Trump also talked about rebuilding the VA and the military as a whole, but Richman says his policies were vague.

“There may be a lack of experience at the helm, and if that is the case, we may see some more mistakes made,” said Richman. “Hopefully not.”

If you did not vote for Trump, Richman says sit tight, because everything will likely be okay.

“Don’t move to Canada,” said Richman, with a laugh. “Just around the corner are more elections. So if you didn’t like the way this one turned out, worked to change the outcome next time.”

Clinton won the majority of precincts here in Hampton Roads, but not by the numbers that Obama did in the 2012 election.