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Williamsburg distillery to build a 1700’s replica colonial still

Posted at 7:41 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 19:41:02-05

gin-rum-2 WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Williamsburg Distillery announced they will be constructing an authentic reproduction of a 1700’s colonial still.

The still will be 15 gallons and is set to be installed sometime in November.

Dr. Bill Dodson, owner of Williamsburg Distillery, has been working with master coppersmith Steve Eisenhart.

Eisenhart’s great-great-great grandfather originally designed the still in 1750.

His grandfather was a wheelwright who built stills on the side.gin-rum

Following the American Revolution, the federal government had to raise funds to pay their debts and George Washington set about the country during the Whiskey Revolution enforcing the taxation of spirits and shutting down those who were not permitted and did not contribute to the fundraising campaign.

Steve’s ancestor was spared shutdown of his distilling operations after repairing flailing wagons on Washington’s quest.

Once the still is complete, Dodson plans to use it in historical reenactments. Visitors will be able to get a first hand experience of how spirits were created in revolutionary times.

Williamsburg Distillery’s bourbon is still aging, but their Jamestown Gin and Yorktown Rum are available.