Mystery woman delivering half-eaten pizzas to strangers’ homes

Posted at 11:13 AM, Nov 15, 2016

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Police in one Missouri town aren't sure to make of it - a woman dropping off Domino's pizzas to at least two homes around 3:00 p.m. Sunday. She doesn't appear to be a Domino's employee.

“It was creepy, really creepy,” said one of the women who got a pizza.

As she came up the carport after work Sunday night, there it was: A Domino’s pizza on a chair near the back patio.

“Oh yeah, when I opened it up there was a piece missing out of it,” the woman said.

When she looked at her home surveillance camera footage, the homeowner saw a woman walking up with two pizzas, leaving the camera frame (presumably to set the pizzas on that patio chair), and then reappearing with just one pizza in her hand.

“It seems kind of creepy because it wasn’t in the box that they normally deliver in the hot box, you know, make a hot delivery,” the pizza recipient said.

Workers at the neighborhood Domino’s know nothing of the strange delivery or the woman who dropped off the pizzas. The Maryland Heights Police Department had a report of a similar incident around the same time, just a couple of blocks away. Perhaps it was that second pizza the woman was carrying.

Residents reported seeing the woman walking the neighborhood. Anyone who gets an unordered pizza should not eat it and throw it in the trash, police said.

Perhaps these are just random acts of kindness. However, police and residents hope the woman or someone else with answers comes forward.

“To find the person who’s delivering pizzas, to contact them and find out what’s going on so it doesn’t feel creepy,” a pizza recipient said. “If they were wanted to do something nice, pay forward, whatever, don’t you think they would have knocked on the door since there was a car in the driveway, left a note with it?”

If you have any information, call the Maryland Heights Police Department at 314-298-8700.