Former bank employee testifies against Anthony Burfoot in corruption trial

Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 21, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. - A former bank employee testified that the mother of Anthony Burfoot's children allegedly had $25,000 transferred into her account from Tommy Arney’s business account.

Arney is one of thekey witnesses for the prosecution.

The businessman and developer told the jury he had plans to build a strip club in Norfolk in 2009 and said he was allegedly bribing Burfoot for his support on city council. Burfoot was a councilman at the time.

Arney told the jurors that if you wanted something done you had to take care of Burfoot.

Andrew Sacks, Burfoot’s attorney pointed out that Burfoot ultimately voted against plans for a strip club.

The City Treasurer is on trial for perjury and political corruption.

Arney is the third of three main witnesses who all say Burfoot took bribes in exchange for favors and support with city council issues.

All three main witnesses for the prosecution are convicted criminals.

Sacks argues that these men are pointing the finger at Burfoot to avoid further prosecution by federal authorities.

Sacks said the accusations are complete lies.

The trial is expected to take a month.

The prosecution said they have two more witnesses expected to take the stand Tuesday morning.

The defense said they have dozens of witnesses, some high ranking city officials who will take the stand to testify.


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