Shop online and beat the Black Friday crowds

Posted at 6:00 AM, Nov 24, 2016

You may be getting ready for a big Thanksgiving feast today, but while that turkeys in the oven, you could also be beating the Black Friday crowds and getting the best deals from your kitchen.

“So the same products will be on sale on Thanksgiving and Black Friday,” says Jon Vincent, from “Most of the deals go online on Thanksgiving day.” takes all the best Black Friday deals and puts them all in one place. He’s been running the site for over ten years and says the deals just keep getting bigger and bigger.

“Places are actually open on Thanksgiving day… it’s crazy!” says Vincent. “It used to be stores just opened on Black Friday but it kind of creeped into Thanksgiving so now really all the big retailers Best Buy, Walmart, Target… they’re all open on Thanksgiving.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to ditch your holiday plans to get the good deals.

“Just shop online on Thanksgiving day,” says Vincent. “It’s really the best way to get all the black Friday deals you can hit different stores versus going one store location to another physically you can just do it very easily online. So we really just recommend shopping online Thanksgiving day.”

But with doorbuster deals and the excitement of Black Friday, you may still want to get in the action tomorrow.

“If you’re going to go to the store one of the tips is try to park away from the store,” says Vincent. “It seems like once you get your product and you try to leave the store, if you’re parking near the store you’re going to have to deal with people walking in and out so we suggest parking away so you can easily get out of that store.”

Experts say whether you’re shopping online or in the stores, make sure you’ve done your research before you get overwhelmed with what seems like a great deal at the time.