Norfolk family’s holiday display damaged

Posted at 3:43 PM, Nov 28, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. - A Norfolk woman is picking up the pieces after her holiday display was destroyed.

It took weeks for Shannon Sullivan and her family to put up their annual winter wonderland, but only one night for it to be severely damaged.

"The candy canes from the beginning have been picked off and are no where to be found," said Sullivan. "The whole set is mangled."

Unfortunately, Sullivan's candy canes weren't the only items damaged, Frosty and other light up decorations were uprooted and knocked over. Leaving Sullivan with only one question.

"Who could ruin someone's Christmas decorations?"

According to police, holiday decorations are an easy target for criminals and vandals. Sullivan thought her display was protected with her extensive security system, but even her cameras couldn't catch the Grinch.

"It shows that they are pretty brazen and quite skillful to be honest. to be just in plain view of our neighbors but skillful enough that you are still hidden by trees," explained Sullivan.

Though Sullivan doesn't know who damaged her decorations she is hopeful that someone else was watching.

"My neighbors across the way are out of town but hopefully she can look and see if they caught anything on their cameras."

While disappointed that someone would damage her hard work, she says it will not keep her from celebrating the season.