New Martin Luther King Expressway will open Wednesday

Posted at 3:31 PM, Nov 29, 2016

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - The Elizabeth River Tunnels announced Tuesday that the new VA-164 Martin Luther King Expressway will open Wednesday.

Motorists will be able to access the new expressway by evening rush hour on November 30.

Signs for the MLK Expressway will be uncovered Tuesday night and will offer connectivity options for improved regional mobility.mlk-expressway

The expressway will allow motorists to have a more direct connection between the Midtown Tunnel and the Downtown Tunnel. It extends the 164 Martin Luther King Freeway in Portsmouth from London Bridge Blvd., to I-264.

Construction of the MLK Expressway started in November 2013.

Changeable message signs will also be installed near the entrance points to the expressway on I-264 the MLK Freeway to communicate traffic conditions to motorists in real-time so they can make the best travel decisions.

The new MLK Expressway will also have nine new or reconfigured ramps including two at High Street, two at London Blvd., one at Frederick Blvd., and four ramps at the new I-264 interchange.


New MLK expressway set to open for drivers by the end of the year