Anthony Burfoot to take the stand in his own defense Thursday

Posted at 6:05 PM, Nov 29, 2016

NORFOLK, Va. - Anthony Burfoot will take the stand in his own defense on Thursday. His attorney Andrew Sacks said the decision was up to Burfoot.

Sacks said Burfoot has nothing to hide.

Tuesday Burfoot’s relationship with the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority was dissected in court.

The NRHA Executive Directors - past and present – Churl Montgomery and John Kownack - both took the stand and said they didn't see Burfoot giving special treatment to the group Tivest.

Burfoot is accused of taking thousands of dollars from Dwight Etheridge - the former owner of Tivest.

Two other key witnesses Tommy Arney and Ronnie Boone previously testified they gave bribes to Burfoot.

Sacks said his defense witnesses, which included city officials and leaders are more creditable than the prosecutions three key witnesses who are all convicted criminals.

“These are professionals. They have no criminal records. They are people of accomplishments. They are people that have no motive,” said Sacks.

Federal prosecutors indicted Burfoot last January for perjury and political corruption. He's facing eight felony charges.

They say he took almost a half a million dollars in cash, renovated his home, and got other perks in exchange for his support on city council when he served as a Councilman and Vice Mayor.

The defense has more witnesses expected to testify.

“There's been a lot of finger-pointing and we have a lot of responses. We have a lot of people who are on the scene at the time to refute these things and we think it's important that information get out,” said Sacks.

The judge had to leave and be somewhere at 4 p.m. so court ended early Tuesday.

Court started at 10am.