Virginia Tech study shows Flint water looking better, people should still use bottled water

Posted at 2:06 PM, Dec 02, 2016

The water situation is improving in Flint Michigan, according to Virginia Tech researchers.

Results of the fourth round of testing are in and it’s good news – according to Marc Edwards. He said, it is “An amazing success story.”

Edwards, who is leading a study on water in Flint announced lead-in-water and bacteria levels in the water supply continue to decrease.

State and federal regulators got involved over the past year after high levels of lead were discovered.

“Citizen-led testing shows water conditions continue to improve. Lead and iron levels in the water are decreasing, with many more homes having non-detectable levels at the tap,” Edwards said during a news conference at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. “However, residents should continue to use bottled water and lead filters until otherwise notified by the EPA or the state.”

People in affected areas should continue to use bottled water and lead filters until otherwise notified by the EPA or the state, according to Edwards.

A total of 154 of the original 269 Flint homes sampled in August 2015 participated in the fourth round of testing in November 2016, according to Virginia Tech.

“The data confirms the system is healing, not only for lead, but also in terms of iron release, which is also much lower,” said Min Tang, of Chongqing, China, doctoral student in the Charles E. Via Jr.

Former Flint resident and citizen activist Lee-Anne Walters now lives in Hampton Roads and spends part of her time in Michigan. Walters has been part of the water sampling efforts.  She helped uncover major problems with the water.

Walters spoke exclusively to News 3 last week.

She claims her husband has been harassed and mistreated while working for Naval Station Norfolk after she testified in Congress in February.

Her attorney has filed a congressional complaint.

The Navy tells News 3 they are familiar with Mr. Walters and what he and his wife have been going through and the Navy has been supportive of their situation..

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