Norfolk City Treasurer on the stand answering questions Monday

Posted at 9:26 AM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 18:18:58-05

NORFOLK, Va. – Testimony from Norfolk City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot continued Monday.

The 49 year-old took the stand in his own defense on Thursday and his attorney Andrew Sacks continued to ask him questions today.

Burfoot repeatedly told the jurors he did nothing wrong and did not take bribes from anyone.

Cross-examination started late Monday afternoon and is expected to continue Tuesday morning.

On Thursday, Burfoot got emotional on the stand when he talked about the transition of Broad Creek and his help redeveloping the area.

Sacks went over each vote that has been in question and Burfoot said he voted in a way that he felt was best for the city.

He denied taking money or having work done to his house by the group Tivest.

Burfoot did admit Dwight Etheridge, the owner of Tivest paid for $13,000 worth of appliances, but he testified Etheridge owned him $10,000 for a loan he gave him years prior.

Burfoot testified he gave Etheridge the cash difference.

On Wednesday, the former city manager Regina Williams-Gates was asked about the votes she was involved and said Burfoot never solicited her for support for the developer Tivest or Etheridge.

Wednesday we also heard from several of Burfoot’s family members like his brother-in-law, sister, and mother-in-law. They testified they did not see Dwight or Curtis Etheridge doing work at Burfoot’s home.

The Etheridge brothers testified they gave Burfoot money, appliances, and did renovations to his home which equaled about to be almost half a million dollars.

Federal prosecutors indicted Burfoot last January for perjury and political corruption charges. He is facing 8 felony charges.

Prosecutors will likely start their cross-examination Monday afternoon.

The defense said they have a few other witness including law enforcement.