Brother of victim from fatal Virginia Beach crash remembers her as “a breath of fresh air”

Posted at 9:05 PM, Dec 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 10:08:13-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The brother of Brittany Morgan, who died in a fatal crash Friday remembers his sister someone who could make anyone laugh.

'She was just a breath of fresh air and an angel to me," said Michael Landers.

The crash happened Friday night and blocked eastbound and westbound lanes of I-264 at First Colonial Road in the City of Virginia Beach for several hours. Landers remembers running up to the scene of the crash.

"I broke. Because knowing that they were in there and went through's not a sight you wish on anybody, even your worst enemy," said Landers. He expressed sympathy for the other families involved in the crash and wishes them well.

Virginia State Police say two people died, including 20-year-old Brittany Morgan. Her Mom, Sherita Morgan, was driving a Chrysler Pacifica when it crossed the median and hit a Lexus traveling east. The impact from that crash made the Chrysler flip in the air and hit a Honda minivan.

"Our baby is gone, youngin is gone, little girl is gone and...I see her in my brain. I don't see her gone, I see her running around being, funny, being charismatic and all that," said Landers.

The support of family and friends, especially on the GoFundMe page he posted Saturday morning to help pay for his sister's funeral is helping Landers get through this tough time.

"'To already see the people that she knows, who knows me and knows the relationship that I have with her, and already, you know, 3,000. It's a blessing because people don`t have to do anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a penny, it doesn’t matter if it was a million dollars. The fact you coming out of your time to give to another family member, to show love, that’s what that means to me. It’s showing love toward my family. It’s showing love and appreciation for another family," said Landers.

With Christmas around the corner, even though Brittany isn't there to carry in the tree like in the past, Landers said he is grateful.

"The fact is that we can walk into the room you can see your family members, that`s enough Christmas for me. That's enough love for me."