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‘Real Simple’ breaks down the best ways to organize your home

Posted at 7:24 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 19:24:43-05

You may already have too much stuff, and after the holidays chances are you will have some additions to the clutter.

Real Simple editors are helping to make life easier with their Best Organizing Tricks of All Time.

The tips are aimed to help keep your whole house in order.

Tip 1: Identify your obstacles – Think about what is keeping you from staying neat like replacing small or broken dressers.

Tip 2: Choose uniform containers- If you have the same containers to organize they will fit in a space better together.

Tip 3: Avoid the paper pileup – Sift through your mail regularly so it does not pile up.

Tip 4: Have a donation bin on hand – Have a designated place to put items you want to donate, and donate.

Tip 5: Store items where you use them – Store sheets in the rooms where they will be used and cleaning supplies in the rooms they are used in most.

Tip 6: Conquer piles – Tell yourself “Everything in a pile is a deferred decision.”

Tip 7: Attach a guilty pleasure to a chore – Plan an organizing session before watching your favorite movie or another favorite activity.

Tip 8: Give yourself an out – Have one (and only one) drop spot for things you can’t deal with organizing at that time.

Good luck!