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Upset over the way some treat police, local couple fights back with food

Posted at 6:38 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 18:47:34-05

JAMES CITY Co., Va. - A local couple was so upset over the way police were getting treated by some they took action in James City County.

Police shootings across the country and violent anti-police demonstrations really upset Bobby Farino and his wife.

“We wanted to show the police department how much the community cares for them and what they mean to us,” said Bobby Farino.

Last Christmas, their adult kids couldn’t make it home so they thought of a way to give back to the men and woman who protect them.

“I went to all the businesses and restaurants in the area and asked them if they want to make a meal for the police department and we fed them for four days last year,” said Farino.

This year it grew and they stopped by four police agencies including the James City County Police Department. They brought music and plenty of food.

They also went to State Police, York County, and Williamsburg Police.

“We had more food than we could even feed them and they ate like kings,” said Farino.

The couple said 30 restaurants supported this effort with 100 volunteers.

Deputy Chief Steve Rubino with James City County Police said, “We are so fortunate in our area that we have people like Bobby Farino and his wife that are willing to put themselves out and organize a group like this to show how much they care for us we really appreciate that.”

Farino said it’s about filling up their stomachs with food, but more so about bringing people together.

“With all that was happening in our country we want to make a statement that that we love our Police Department and we appreciate all that they do,” said Farino.