Santa hands out candy canes at a bank – and robs it

Posted at 8:24 PM, Dec 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-23 20:24:50-05

‘Twas four days before Christmas

When Santa walked in

To the Memphis City Employee Credit Union

With candy canes and a grin.

He handed out the goodies

He had enough to share

He wished a “Merry Christmas”

To all who were there.

Everyone inside

Was filled with good cheer

Until Santa walked up to a teller

And made his intentions clear.

He handed her a note

No candy cane like before,

He demanded all of her money

In her cash drawer.

With the loot in hand

He ran down the street

Still wearing the mask and red shirt

And black shoes on his feet.

Cops say he’s a man

5’9 in height

He weighs about 150 lbs

No belly in sight.

Police are still searching

For bad Santa and his prize

No one was injured

Just startled and surprised.