Puppy dies on Christmas day, two days after Suffolk woman brings it home

Posted at 9:21 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 23:15:01-05

SUFFOLK, Va. - A Christmas nightmare for one new pet owner. Maya Jones said she bought Ivy, a Maltese Yorkie mix from Family Pet Center in Greenbrier Mall Dec. 23 and it died two days later on Christmas evening.

Jones said growing up she had always wanted a pet. She stumbled upon Family Pet Center and saw Ivy.

"She put her little paw up to the glass and I just knew instantly. We just connected right there," said Jones.

Jones said happy times ended quickly when Ivy started throwing up and didn't stop. Jones said she checked the paperwork that came with Ivy, which said puppies can throw up and have diarrhea. But Jones said she knew Ivy's symptoms couldn't be normal.

"I just thought, oh my god. Something's wrong with my baby. Something's wrong with Ivy. I don't know what's wrong with her," said Jones.

Jones took Ivy to The Cove Vets Christmas morning. The vet's report said Ivy was hypoglycemic, which means low blood sugar, but doctors worried something else was wrong.

"She says Ivy is a very, very sick dog. And I just felt like this load come on my shoulder because it's Christmas. You're supposed to be happy and joyful and celebrating with your family and I'm not. I'm sitting in a vet hospital for a dog I purchased not even 48 hours ago," said Jones.

The vet's report says doctors started treatment for a portosystemic shunt, a congenital defect, and coccidia, a type of infection.

"I just felt numb because I didn't think that all this was going to happen from a little precious dog," said Jones. who decided to leave Ivy at The Cove so vets could care for her.

After visiting Ivy in an incubator, Jones decided to leave Ivy at The Cove so vets could care for her.

"I couldn't get up bridge road in Suffolk fast enough before they called me and said she had stopped breathing," said Jones. Ivy was pronounced dead at 7:35 p.m. "In my opinion, they, Family Pets sold me a sick dog."

Family Pet Center sent News 3 this statement:

...we do everything that we can to ensure the health of our puppies, unfortunately we have learned that one of the puppies sold last week passed away.  We were saddened to hear this news, and we are providing the customer involved with a full refund and paying all veterinary bills.

But Jones wants others to know Ivy's story.

"I'm trying to get justice for Ivy because she can't speak for herself. I'm trying to fight for her and her rights," said Jones.

Family Pet Center also said in their statement they are thankful this is an incredibly rare occurrence and will continue to work to provide healthy puppies and pets to families.