Family faces eviction from home designed for paralyzed son

Posted at 1:46 PM, Dec 29, 2016

PALOS PARK, Ill. -- A family caring for a paralyzed son is struggling to keep the home they rent in the Chicago suburbs.

Walking into the Bezanis house it’s easy to see it’s a place filled with love and the accommodations that are needed to take care of their son Niko.

Niko is the eldest of three children.  The 28-year-old has been paralyzed for almost nine years after diving off the back end of a boat and into a sand bar the depth finder did not detect. Niko broke his neck and back.

The Bezanis, who rent their place, paid to have their home retrofitted for Niko's needs. It has ramps, wider doors and an appropriate shower.

But now the Bezanis are facing eviction.

An investment group bought the home in foreclosure from the previous owner.  The group likely has intentions of knocking it down and building a much bigger, more profitable property to sell.

For the last two and a half  years the Bezanis have been fighting eviction.  With the help of their pro-bono attorney at the Chicago-based Center for Disability and Elder Law, are hoping a deal can be reached with the current owners to buy the property for $250,000. Through CrowdRise they have raised $93,000. They have an agreement on a loan for about another $90,000 which leaves them about $67,000 short.

In less than two weeks, they go before a judge and if they don't have all the money by then, they are hopeful the judge will delay eviction again.  But no promises have been made.

A fundraiser at The Original Island Shrimp House at 12902 S. Lagrange Rd. in Palos Park is planned for December 31st.

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