Sickly-looking dog found by Virginia Beach couple returned to owner

Posted at 9:10 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 16:37:30-05

NORFOLK, Va. - A sickly looking dog is back with her owner after being found by a Virginia Beach couple.

Back on December 15, Caitlyn Bedwell and Alex Nelson said they picked up the dog on Robin Hood Road in Norfolk, worried because she looked sickly.

They said she had flees, scabs and was underweight.

The couple brought her to a vet and raised money to pay for her medical treatment.

Caitlyn Bedwell said, “We weren't sure she was going to make it or what was going to happen so we didn’t get too attached.”

“I’m really glad these people took the dog to the veterinarian. There's no doubt about it when you see those photos in the footage the dog is in terrible shape so I think it's wonderful they took the step to use their own funds to get medical care for this dog,” said Norfolk SPCA Executive Director Rob Blizard.

Meanwhile, Breezy’s family said they were looking for her.

They hung up flyers and made posts online.

Our story ran Monday night and the owners contacted authorities.

Tuesday, the couple who found Breezy said they were visited by Virginia Beach Animal Control who took the dog and turned her over to Norfolk Animal Control. Breezy was returned to her owner the same day.

News 3 tried to speak to the owner who said he has nothing to say to us and refused to answer any questions.

The owner's sister said they were able to get Breezy back after showing animal control documentation that she was taken to the vet a month ago after she was losing her hair and having problems due to old age.

She said the dog  was happy to be back home.

Virginia Beach Animal Control issued a statement that read in part, “When a citizen finds a dog they are required to make a reasonable attempt to notify the owner and notify the public animal shelter in the locality where the animal was found within 48 hours. They must also provide that animal care and safe keeping. To avoid the impact of cost for care and to relinquish themselves of these responsibilities, a citizen can turn over the stray animal to Animal Control, again this should be in the locality where the animal was found and within the 48 hours. Any concerns regarding animal cruelty or inadequate care are investigated by Animal Control in our locality and in Norfolk as well, and suspected crimes should always be reported to our offices for a thorough investigation at the time they occur.”

“If they (Animal Control) had any concern that the animal was being abused or mistreated they would not have return the dog to the original owners,” said Blizard.

The couple who found the dog said they are frustrated they have not heard back from several agencies they have contacted by the situation. They said the extra money they raised for the dog will be donated to the Virginia Beach SPCA.