Chesapeake city council delays vote about rezoning neighborhood

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 17, 2017

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - City council delayed voting on rezoning an area in Chesapeake Tuesday night for the third time. The rezoning would bring more than 40 homes and families are concerned that would overcrowd the schools even more. The Willow Lakes, David's Mill, Lakes of Jolliff and Jolliff Woods communities are what could potentially be affected.

Families told News 3 they have moved to the area specifically so their children could attend certain schools. But since those are becoming overcrowded, they are concerned building 40 more houses would make the matter worse.

A Dad who publicly spoke at the city council meeting said he's frustrated with the third delay and wants answers on whether or not his children's education will be impacted. He said the homes will bring more children who will overcrowd schools already over capacity, including Chittum Elementary.

“It’s not 50 kids like they say, it’s probably be 100, 125 kids. so what’s that going to do to chittum schools if they’re already at 122% capacity?” said Kevin Jurnigan. 

According to the city of Chesapeake's agenda, the planning commission is recommending council to approve the rezoning because the housing developers will connect Willow Lake and David's Mill Drives.  This would create another way in and out of the community. The developers, Coastal Virginia Developers would also give the city $4,000 cash for each house built.

This project is called Gray's Pointe.

City council will tackle the rezoning February 21.