Evolution of the Frisbee analyzed by local disc golf players

Posted at 5:38 AM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 09:44:43-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - It's the 60th birthday of a recreational cornerstone, one of the top 10 toys ever made; the Frisbee.

The actual Frisbee was first manufactured by Wham-O in 1957 but it started when a group of kids were throwing empty pie tins around at William Frisbe's pie shop way before then. The extra 'e' was added when Wham-O wanted to patent the toy.

Though it was first created in Connecticut, you can now see Frisbees used from coast to coast, on the beaches, in family yards and at outdoor events of all sizes.

New models came out every year and some enthusiasts try to collect them and save each version. You can find Frisbees in all sizes, colors, shapes and weights.

Not to be confused with the disc, which came out in the 1980's and was specifically designed to fly farther and hit a target. Hence evolving the sport of  'disc golf.'

The disc can soar much farther than the Frisbee ever could. the first record for longest throw was 200 feet. Now, years later now it's over 1000 feet!

The Bayville Farms Disc Golf Course is one of the first in the country and it was designed by 'Steady Ed Headrick,' PDGA #001. He patented a pole and basket chain right here in Virginia Beach and the design has since spread across the country.

Though the Bayville Farms course is more popular, there is another course located in Pungo, VA. The state of Virginia has 108 disc golf courses, according to players and designers of the Bayville Course.

For more information on the course and how to play you can head to the Virginia Beach City Parks website and download the 'park finder' app.