Ironclad Distillery bringing local bourbon to Hampton Roads

Posted at 5:30 AM, Jan 25, 2017

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Breweries are popping up all over Hampton Roads, but a family in Newport News is bringing you a different kind of spirit.

Ironclad Distillery is officially open and the product is on the shelves in select ABC stores across the state.

The King family is behind the small-batch bourbon distillery.

They use Virginian sources for corn, wheat and rye to create their unique Ironclad taste.

It's named after the famous Civil War battle between the U.S. Ironclad Monitor and Confederate Ironclad Virginia, also known as the Merrimack, which took place within sight of the distillery.

Each bottle includes a "barrel tag" telling you which oak barrel the bourbon came from. You can even use that tag to track where your barrel ends up!

Next step, opening a tasting room at the distillery in the next couple months.

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