Blown away: what you need to know before next hurricane season

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jan 29, 2017

In October, Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Hampton Roads and North Carolina.

Massive trees were knocked over, rain-flooded streets forced people to abandon their cars, and some residents could only watch as their homes filled with water.

Virginia Wasserberg was one hurricane-tsr-9of them.

"It was scary.  I'm not gonna lie. I didn't sleep the whole night," Wasserberg told News 3.

Wasserberg lives in the hard-hit area of Windsor Woods in Virginia Beach.

We caught up with her in early January, three months after Matthew.  She had just moved back into her home and construction to repair the damage was still underway.

hurricane-tsr-7"All the furniture got wet, and all the floors got wet, all the walls got wet, insulation," Wasserberg explained.

It was something she never thought she'd experience where she lived.

As we prepare for this year's hurricane season, News 3 is taking action to make sure you're ready the next time a storm hits.

News 3 Anchor Erica Greenway spoke with experts to find out what changes we could see and had the rare opportunity to go inside Virginia Tech's wind tunnel to experience what it's like in hurricane-strength winds.

Find out what to expect and how you can keep your family and home safe Monday night on News 3 at at 11.

Pictures: Hurricane Matthew impacts Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina