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Where do Hampton Roads cities rank among the nation’s healthiest?

Posted at 9:30 AM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 09:30:59-05

Which Hampton Roads city is the healthiest?

In a study of the country’s 150 most populated cities, WalletHub graded each city in 34 categories in groups like health care, food, fitness, and green space.

Categories included mental health counselors per capita, cost of medical visit, and quality of public hospitals for health care; healthy restaurants per capita, share of obese residents, and produce consumption for categories under food; fitness clubs per capita, weight loss centers per capital, and share of residents who engage in any physical activity for categories in fitness; and quality of parks, bike score, and walking trails per capita among the categories for green space.

The top five healthiest cities in America were San Francisco (1); Salt Lake City (2); Scottsdale, Ariz (3); Seattle (4); and Portland, Ore. (5).

The unhealthiest cities were Shreveport, La. (146); Laredo, Tx. (147); Memphis (148); Brownsville, Tx. (149); and Detroit (150).

If Hampton Roads cities weren’t among the very best and they weren’t among the very worst. Where do they rank?

Virginia Beach ranked the highest, coming in at number 43. They received their highest grade in the ‘Food’ group.

Chesapeake came in at number 56, receiving an even higher grade than Virginia Beach in the ‘Food’ group. They also scored high in the ‘Fitness’ group.

Norfolk and Newport News were ranked numbers 82 and 87, respectively. Both scored very high in the ‘Fitness’ group.

Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Hampton were not ranked.