Portsmouth residents hope change comes with PRHA shakeups

Posted at 5:35 PM, Feb 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-18 23:16:19-05

PORTSMOUTH, VA. – Shakeups could be on the way with the Portsmouth Redevelopment and House Authority board.

Tuesday night, the city council was presented with a letter about a public hearing to have them removed.

Councilman Dr. Mark Whitaker was the only one to disagree.

Councilwoman Lisa Lucas-Burke explains why this is important.

“Some of the day-to-day operations that were conducted by the board that should have been handled by the management of the Portsmouth Redevelopment Housing Authority," Lucas-Burke said. “That shows misconduct and inefficiencies in the work that the board members had performed.”

It’s a change some residents tell us is needed.

“I hope they can do everything they need to do for the people that need help," Anne told us.

Anne is currently staying with her daughter at Swanson Homes.

She tells News 3, she’s been waiting for nine years to get Section 8.

“I applied for it and I was number 11 and that’s it. I mean what else can I say, I’m just still waiting,” she explained.

Anne said she’s not sure why she’s still on a waiting list but is in dire need of assistance.

Lucas-Burke said they want to bring in a new board to change the energy with the PRHA.

“We need people to be involved in what is going to help this city to be a better place for people to live work and play," Lucas-Burke explained.

Michael Von Norfleet, whose part of the Dale Homes Civic League, said he's not sure if replacing the board will really help.

"Changing the board sounds like a good idea but I just hope that the people coming in, if they’re replacing others – that they have the mind to work with the people out here," Von Norfleet said.

Lucas-Burke said each member has until the February 21st to resign or face a hearing on February 28th.