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7-year-old first grader has an epic President’s Day celebration

Posted at 6:31 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 18:31:32-05

Max Montgomery, a first grader at Taylor Elementary in Arkansas, spent his birthday honoring all his favorite presidents.

Politics can be a lightning rod discussion at festive events. But when you love presidential history as much as ice cream and cake, you make it work! Just ask 7 year old, Max Montgomery, a first grader at Taylor Elementary in Arkansas, who spent his birthday honoring all his favorite Presidents!

“Who’s your favorites?” asked Max’s mom Mandy Montgomery.

With a big grin, Max puffed his chest out and counted his favorites down like sports figures.

“Carter, Washington, Reagan and Lincoln.” shouted Max.

Since birth, the first grader has been obsessed with Presidents – both past and present. Mom, Mandy, stripped the decor out of Max’s bedroom to arrange a presidential themed birthday party.

“We used a culmination of things that Max has. His room is decorated like the Oval Office and we used some of his Dad’s memorabilia also,” said Mandy. “We took Dad’s campaign signs and made campaign signs for his party.”

Also on display, pictures with the 39th United States President. Jimmy Carter signed Max’s arm cast when Max was younger. This year, President Carter sent max a birthday card, plus a gift with an autographed photo. The 41st president, George H.W. Bush couldn’t attend Max’s party but extended best wishes and included more gifts and an autographed photo. Last year, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee called Max personally and wished him a happy birthday.

Max gleamed listening to his voice booming from his mother’s cell phone.

“Hello Max ! This is Mike Huckabee. I hear you’re about to have a birthday, is that right?”

“Yes,” squealed Max.

“I hear you’re going to Disney Land is that right?” asked Huckabee.

“Yes sir!” Max replied.

Convinced Max is on the fast track to a 2048 presidential run, party goer’s at Max’s birthday party lined up inside the mock white house press briefing room and listened to Max’s speech.

“I am honored you came to my party,” said Max.

Party goers… opps, I mean the press, then asked questions.

“Mr. President what’s your first order of business?” asked one of the invitees. Max smiled.

There was even a bit of controversy, a birthday serenade from Marilyn Monroe. Max’s face turned red.

Max’s other favorite Presidents, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson also showed up. They say this was coolest birthday party ever.

“He knows more about President’s than I’ll ever know,” said pretend Thomas Jefferson.

Max’s mom asked, “what do you think Max will be when he grows up?” Both responded in unison,” the President!”

Something that the First Lady, standing by Max’s side agrees with and of course his mom!

“I think that Max definitely has potential to be President if he wants to,” said Max’s mom. “My main goal for him is that I really just want him to grow up and be a godly man. Put God first and seek His will for his life. I think Max will be a wonderful President in 2048,” added Mandy Montgomery.

Max will be taking his first trip to Washington, DC on spring break in March. His parents are hoping to help him further discover his passion and hopefully meet President Trump!