Police department tries its best when 5th-grader asks for homework help

Posted at 3:44 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 15:44:48-05

MARION, Ohio — It was definitely a first for the Marion, Ohio Police Department.

They recently received a Facebook message from 5th-grader, Lena, asking for help with her homework.

The message from the 10-year-old started out like this:

“I’m having trouble with my homework. could you help me?”

Police said, “What’s up?

Lena: “I need a little help with my homework”

Police: “Ok with what?”

Lena: “Well I don’t understand (8+29) x 15?

Police: “Do the numbers in the parenthesis first so in essence it would be 37 x 15”

Lena: “Ok now if I had this (90+27)+(29+15)x2”

Police: “Take the answer from the first parenthesis plus the answer from the second parenthesis and multiply that answer by two.”

Unfortunately, the answer was wrong — but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Lena’s mom loved what the the Marion Police Department did so much, she shared the conversation on her Facebook page, and wrote:

“My daughter. Cause… She’s my daughter.

Thank you, Marion, Ohio Police Department, for truly building relationships with the community.”

The police department commented on the post:

Happy to offer her some help. Next time we will use one of our “lifelines” for the math questions. Thanks for the kind comments. We love Marion but especially true with our kids. Have a great rest of the weekend!”

Then, later, they shared her post and said:

“Hoping it is truly the thought that counts since apparently I cannot! Especially since the answer was wrong, it was very nice for Molly to acknowledge our attempt to help her daughter with some math homework! We do aim to be a full service police department after all. Have to say this is the first time we have been asked by a young Facebook follower to help with homework through messenger but hey, we SERVE and protect. Maybe should have mentioned that History was my favorite subject before answering. Well, we know now!”