Girl ‘superhero’ imitates ‘Fearless Girl’ statue

Posted at 6:43 PM, Mar 08, 2017

Abrianna Tabor Almonte wears her red-and-pink superhero outfit to go see the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street.

Posing in exactly the same way as the “Fearless Girl” bronze statue, a girl in a red-and-pink superhero outfit made for a picture-perfect moment on Wall Street on Wednesday.

Five-year-old Abrianna Tobar Almonte visited the new bronze statue on Wednesday, because she had the day off from school.

The statue was installed as a call to increase gender diversity in the boardroom ahead of International Women’s Day, when women across the world took to the streets to march and strike in “A Day Without A Woman” events.

Abrianna’s mother, Alexandra Almonte, asked her daughter to stand next to the statue for a picture.

“By the time I got my camera out, the news photographers were telling her what to do,” Almonte said.

Amid the photo frenzy Abrianna caused, Almonte realized she didn’t have a decent picture of her daughter with the statue. Before they left, she told Abrianna to “look at the statue and do what she’s doing,” prompting people to start photographing the 5-year-old again.

While the symbolism of a little girl wearing red on International Women’s Day is powerful, it wasn’t a deliberate statement.

Abrianna loves to wear brightly colored costumes of cartoon characters and superheroes to play with her 8-year-old brother, who has autism. “It’s her own way of connecting with him,” Almonte said.

Almonte said it’s hard to hold Abrianna’s attention for a long time, but she tried to explain what the statue represents and what International Women’s Day means.

“She asked why was the statue there, if she was a superhero like her and if she had any superpowers,” Almonte said. “I told her [the statue’s] superpower was representing all of us.”

Even Almonte didn’t quite understand why everyone took her daughter’s photo, until they started popping out on social media.

“Now that I see the pictures I get it. It’s a very powerful message,” Almonte said.