Animal advocates honor 21 dogs found dead in Hampton home

Posted at 10:11 PM, Mar 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-11 22:29:08-05

Hampton - Candles, chew toys, dog treats and roses lay in the very spot where 21 dead dogs were found earlier this week. The mementos were placed by animal advocates who decided to hold a vigil Saturday night. Not only were the animal's memories honored, they were each named.

"I just felt like they were real living creatures they had a heart they had a soul and at one point they could have been someone's pet, so it just came to me that I wanted to name them," explained Regina Quinn who organized the vigil.

In addition to the naming, attendees held a moment of silence for the dead dog and brought donations to give to the one dog who was found alive, she has been named "Lucky".  While the vigil was meant to honor the dead dogs, many who attended said it inspired them to take a stand against animal cruelty.

"I came up because I'm not going to sit back in my home even if it is another state away and not do anything," shared Vanessa Comb, who traveled from West Virginia to attend the vigil. Her dog, Bear, also made the five-hour trip. Comb says he was saved from a similar situation years before.

"He got an extra three years that they didn't get all because a neighbor said something and stood up," explained Comb.

The event was also a way for the advocates to turn a negative situation, into a positive one.

"This horrific event is a wonderful opportunity to bring awareness," said Quinn. "Hopefully something big will happen and good things will come out of this."

Vernon Silver was arrested shortly after the dead dogs were found inside the home. He is facing nearly 70 charges and is being held at the Hampton City Jail without bond.